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1.Logical Reasoning & Lateral Thinking:

The aptitude test and other logical reasoning tests are conducted not just for filtering candidates. These tests have the hidden purpose of testing candidates on their ability to think laterally, approach problems from different perspective and come out with strategic plans to get the work done despite of hiccups.


Indian education system has spoon-fed teenagers to just be bookworms (not in all cases but in majority of cases). Thus most of the students, even talented ones are not capable enough to handle high level managerial and lead positions.

3.Communication Skills:

Of course, at the end of the day, communication is what which blow you image up and let you down as well. There is no point in being a storehouse of talent without the potential to express it in an explicit way. Communication skills are very vital since IT jobs are not confined to coding but there is a day to day need to express, communicate and articulate both in-house and abroad client calls and chats.